Mama Mc's Jewelry Advice

Updated: Mar 23

We are thrilled to launch OUR FEATURES page with a most beloved lady...affectionally know as Mama Mc! She always welcomed you with a big smile and an even bigger hug. I have many fond memories of Mama Mc and have taken her wise advice to heart on many occasions. One memory in particular complements Louise Bentley Jewelry With Purpose. It was the night before our Allegheny College graduation. I received pearls from my Mom and Dad as a graduation present. She admired them and said now, you do know how to take care of these, right? Of course, I did not have a clue. Mama Mc said every time you are getting ready, your jewelry is last to go on. First, you do your makeup, then your hair, then touch up your makeup, add your perfume and then put those pearls on. I have thought of this conversation so many times. To this day, this is exactly how I get ready. Thank you Mama Mc for your love, honesty and encouragement!

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