A Love Story

Dana’s is a love story…love of her husband, Doug, her children, Zoe, Hannah & Noah and her “she”preneurs. She is a true champion of women and is ready to unleash her latest trailblazing movement, P.O.W. – Power Of Women. “Gifting with Giveback” is at the core of her company, wet paint group. Wet paint group (wpg) is a corporate gifting company that delivers unforgettable experiences, with a mission to deliver joy through remarkable gifting, while doing good for others.

Like many of us, Dana, has had a journey full of challenges and growth opportunities, but believes in authentic community, embracing your truth, and leads through humility, grace and many hugs. Dana will share in all transparency her fight for mental health awareness. She openly expresses gratitude for her daily gift of recovering from an eating disorder for the past 30 years, one day at a time! Early in her marriage, Dana pursed her passion for mental health education by getting her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado for the past 10 years. Her specialty was in the treatment of eating disorders at Denver-based, EDCare, a multidisciplinary treatment center, where she served as a Family Therapist and Business Development Specialist.

In 2012, after 15+ years of active involvement in the hospitality industry, she and her husband, Doug, founded wet paint group, a concept born out of the necessity and desire to change the corporate gifting industry. They saw the opportunity to get behind a “cause” not just a transaction. Using the concept of Intention, Purpose and Impact allows them to create and deliver unforgettable gifting experiences for their clients while providing financial give backs for many deserving organizations.

Dana is truly a remarkable woman, and we are honored to call her Our Inspiration.

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