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Mind and Body Fitness

When you move across the country to a town where you know no one, what do you do? My answer was to go workout. This led me to my first Insanity class taught by Yesim Peddy. And she became my first friend in Evergreen, CO!


Yesim, a self-proclaimed Math and Science Geek, spent much of her time in high school as the Chemistry Lab Assistant. After graduating from college, she contemplated a career in the medical field. Her father, a doctor, had a colleague that ran a medical research lab at the University of Maryland. She was hired to work in that lab and spent the next 15 years engrossed in Pediatric and Pre-natal Genetics research.


After her first daughter was born, she and her husband made the decision that she would stay at home and focus on their growing family. As an avid rock climber, Yesim had always made being fit a priority. Like many of us, when the Spin craze hit, she dove right in! Her instructor approached her about teaching Spin classes. Yesim was up for the challenge and pursued certification. It was not long before she gained a regular following and found a passion for teaching exercise classes and obtained multiple certifications. This ultimately led Yesim to launch her own business…YesIMFit!


When the COVID shut down happened, our workout community was at loose ends as to how to exercise, and continue to see each other. Yesim stepped up to the plate and said what about Zoom? She then spent weeks perfecting her workouts, as we tuned in to be her “Guinea Pigs.” Now, more than a year later, we have daily workouts with our regular group as well as lots of new faces.


To say Yesim is a skillful motivator would be a huge understatement. Her ability to be a descriptive speaker, and love of Math and Science enable her to understand the human body and to create the perfect combination of safe, effective, and very entertaining classes with a true sense of community.  Because Yesim does all her workouts with us on Zoom, she feels what we feel. She inspires us to be fit and stay strong everyday!

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